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An ongoing series of how to stay health in this season


Chinese Medicine is founded upon the inherent cycles and rhythms of Nature.  Adapting and living in harmony with the natural movement of Nature allows us to transition through the seasons with health and vitality. 


Fall marks the beginning of nature contracting or drawing in.  The days are crisp and cool, and light begins it's cycle of diminishing.  Nature tells us to begin to turn in earlier and get more rest.  Put away to do lists, and turn towards activities such as reading, gentle yoga or exercise, meditation, and of course, experiencing the breathtaking beauty of the season.  Fall is a time to let go of what is unnecessary and gather in that which will sustain and nurture us through the cold and dark of winter.  Whether it's your mind, body, or home; a gentle cleansing will allow you to let go of what is no longer useful, and make room for that which can serve, nourish and inspire. 




Fall is the season of gathering and cleansing. Check out how the following suggestions can help you stay healthy this Fall:


  • Proper breathing is vital to a healthy energy cycle within the body, and is crucial to your wellbeing.  In Chinese Medicine, the Lungs correspond to the Autumn.  If you are a smoker, consider a smoking cessation program to cleanse and re-vitalize the lungs.

  • Holding on to things that are no longer useful to you causes “constipation” on every level.  Consider letting go of emotions, habits and thoughts that have outlived their service to you to create the space in your Body, Mind and Spirit for what is new and can serve.

  • The skin is considered the third Lung.  It allows for the passage of fluids and gases alike.  In the drier climate of Fall, treat your skin to nourishing moisturizers free from synthetic, petro- or paraben ingredients.

  • Build restorative energy.  As daylight begins to decline, draw activity inwards.  Get more rest, meditate, pace yourself more slowly, and cleanse emotional stress in order to maintain healthy immunity during the colder climate of Fall.

  • Nourish your body with warming and building foods like soups, complex grains, light stews and root vegetables.  It is natural and biologically sound to gain a little weight during Fall in preparation for the cold of winter.




  • Avoid cold food and drinks! Drink plenty of room temperature water, warm teas, and warm soups.  

  • Sleep!  A vibrant and healthy immune system is dependent on adequate sleep.

  • Cover up!  Wearing a hat and scarf protects vulnerable areas like the head and neck
which are prone to pathogenic invasion of cold and damp.

  • Cook food!  Vegetables and fruits should be cooked rather than eaten raw as the weather cools.  Raw foods overtax the digestive system and sap heat from your body, especially during cooler months.

  • Decrease sugar, cheese and refined white flour products!  These foods have congestive properties which can add to your body's ability to produce mucus.

  • Eat garlic!  This little wonder has anti-microbial and germicide properties, meaning its great at killing bacteria and germs that may contribute to seasonal ailments such as the cold. your visitors. 

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