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Patient Stories

We are honored to share our patients' words with you.

Shannon R.

Acupuncture helped me bring home my perfect baby boy...

I sought out acupuncture after a year and a half of unsuccessful fertility treatments (IUI and IVF) for unexplained infertility. I felt defeated and this was my “last resort” for trying to have a baby with my eggs. After my first session with Dr.Fooksman I knew I was in the right place. Her knowledge, compassion, positivity and encouragement was evident from our first meeting and helped to support me throughout my journey. 

 Acupuncture not only supported my fertility goals but was also good for my mental health in general, forcing me take time for myself during a stressful period. Dr.Fooksman reminded me to take care of myself, providing dietary and self care recommendations in addition to acupuncture treatments. I underwent my 6th egg retrieval after 4 months of acupuncture treatments and I had significantly improved egg quality, producing the highest graded embryos I had across all of my retrievals combined. This was something I could not achieve with modern medicine/drug therapies alone. Dr.Fooksman worked closely with me to accommodate increased treatments leading up to my egg retrieval and embryo transfer, treatment the day of my transfer and throughout my pregnancy. 

 Meeting the special circumstances that arose around the needs of my developing baby ; this even in the setting of a global pandemic, where Dr.Fooksman took steps quickly and effectively to continue to provide care while maintaining safety. Her investment in my success was palpable and such a huge support. 

 As a healthcare provider myself, I took for granted the benefits of acupuncture until I experienced them personally. Not only do I know that acupuncture improved my egg quality, improved my fertility and supported my pregnancy, Dr.Fooksman was also able to treat other symptoms that arouse during my pregnancy (nausea, headaches, and back pain). I can not recommend acupuncture and specifically Dr.Fooksman enough, I know her expertise and support was instrumental in bringing home my miracle!  

Lauren Cherry

After my first session with Bella I knew I made the right decision. My husband and I were experiencing infertility for about 2 years. We had cancelled IUIs and one failed IUI. I was ready to try something new. 

I started acupuncture in December during my “break” from fertility medications. Bella took the time to really understand what I have been going through and we started putting in the work. 

Fast forward to March and we were diving into our first round of IVF. From our egg retrieval to our transfer Bella was there every step of the way. She opened her office on a Saturday after my transfer just to make sure we were still on track and our transfer was successful! My husband and I are so excited to welcome our baby girl in November! 

Bella helped me look at the bigger picture and that our bodies are capable of anything. Acupuncture has truly relaxed me and has brought me a whole new energy and perspective on life. 

I am forever grateful for Bella and recommend her to everyone I talk to!!

Stacey G.

Dr. Fooksman is amazing. I visited her before I started my fertility journey. Traditional doctors told me I had very little chances of getting pregnant at 41. She was extremely positive from day one and helped me understand that our bodies are our sanctuary and we have to treat it that way. She gave me some tips on diet and mindfulness. Her energy was always strong at each of my visits. She was extremely approachable and encouraged me to reach out between visits if I had any issues. After 3 months of visiting Dr. Fooksman, I became pregnant and delivered a healthy baby girl in February. I am forever thankful to her.   


I came to Dr. Fooksman after a year and a half of unexplained infertility, unsuccessfully trying to conceive naturally and through multiple IUI treatments. 

I had moved on to IVF and already had my egg retrieval. As I was preparing for my first frozen embryo transfer (FET), I wanted to do everything possible to make my transfer successful. There is a lot of research showing that acupuncture can significantly improve pregnancy rates during IVF treatment, so I started acupuncture prior to beginning my FET cycle. 

During my initial consultation with Dr. Fooksman, I knew I had chosen the right practitioner because she really understood how western and eastern medicine can and must work together, and she was very knowledgeable about every aspect of my IVF treatment and pregnancy. 

Our first transfer was a success and I am currently 30 weeks pregnant! I continued with acupuncture throughout the first trimester to make sure I maintained the pregnancy, because I also had a history of first trimester miscarriage. In addition to helping me get and stay pregnant, Dr. Fooksman was able to treat my nausea and stress, as I was going through this at the very beginning of the pandemic. I truly believe that acupuncture played a huge part in why our first IVF cycle was a success. 

Thanks to Dr. Fooksman, we are thrilled to be preparing to welcome our first child, and will be back when we are ready for a sibling.

Yahaira Matias

I don’t have enough words to say about Dr Fooksman. She has always treated me with such love, care and respect. We had a long journey of trying to get pregnant, and when I read acupuncture could be helpful in our fertility journey, I reached out to her. She is so knowledgeable and explains everything with such ease and calm. She suggested all the foods I should eat and how to care for my body. I enjoyed every session of acupuncture I had with her and always left feeling very calm and light. She always treated me in a holistic way and addressed my back pains as well. I am currently 38 weeks pregnant and expecting our baby girl by the end of the month!! I always suggest acupuncture and Dr Fooksman to any one I meet that is struggling. I really do believe it set me up to have a great pregnancy! 

Bruce Bortz, Publisher, Bancroft Press, Baltimore

Coming to a consultation with Bella Fooksman in June 2010 was my first in-person exposure to acupuncture, and over the past years, I have been consistently impressed, even awed. Whatever my problems or complaints―jet lag, oncoming cold, foot numbness, elbow pain, overeating, feeling frantic, feeling lethargic, hip pain and discomfort, head cold, stopped-up ears, etc, etc, etc.―she’s been effective. Bella listens. She knows and clearly explains her stuff. She’s unfailingly successful (at least so far). Little wonder, then, that I look forward to each appointment, simply because I look forward to how much better I invariably feel AFTER each appointment. Regular acupuncture sessions with Bella are now, and probably always will be, a regular part of my health care. I wish it were the same for everyone I know and care about.


I started seeing Dr. Fooksman in April 2019, I was diagnosed with unexplained infertility. After trying to conceive for 3 years naturally/ with herbs/ Keto diet/ Gluten free diet and what not we had no success. We consulted fertility specialist and undergone 3 failed attempts to get pregnant naturally with clomid, 3 failed IUIs. And in last we decided to move to IVF. This is when I got to know about acupuncture and it’s benefits in IVF treatment. 

I did some research and realized that studies have shown that acupuncture increases the flow of blood to the uterus, and I knew a bit about Yin and Yang and positive energy fields. I had nothing to lose, so I made my first appointment. After I explained my condition via text messages, Dr. Fooksman immediately gave me the date for our first session. Which was a surprise to me, because my first transfer was already scheduled by my fertility clinic and I was afraid that no doctor would take me in, in such short time. I met Dr. Fooksman, and my treatment started from that point. Besides infertility, I was having other issues also like stress, anxiety, so much negativity, hormonal imbalance due to all fertility drugs I had been taking from months, but after meeting Dr. Fooksman I knew I am going to feel better soon.

I found the treatment was certainly comforting and I felt really calm and relaxed. My overall experience was wonderful. It didn’t hurt and I successfully got pregnant with first IVF. Throughout my pregnancy I did not feel any discomfort or uneasiness because of the treatment I was receiving.

Recently, I have started taking treatments again from Dr. Fooksman for issues like headaches, ear pain, high acidity and chest heaviness. Along with acupuncture treatment, she has also suggested herbs from her holistic solutions store, which I am taking regularly, and I am feeling much better day by day.

These treatments have changed my life in a way that was unbelievable. I cannot thank Dr. Fooksman enough for her attentive care, concern and expertise. As much as I value the acupuncture, I truly appreciate what Dr. Fooksman personally bring to it.

Sara B

Bella has been instrumental in my recovery from fertility issues.In addition to attentive acupuncture treatment, she also provided helpful nutritional recommendations. With Bella's guidance, I avoided fertility medication and was able to conceive naturally. 

Charles Fish

 I have been a patient of Bella’s for over three years . I have worked with three other practitioners previously including a professor from China in the late nineties while living in California so that gives me a comparable perspective when it comes to the art of acupuncture. Bella is unequivocally the best acupuncturist I have worked with.

Bella is a very skilled practitioner but what truly places Bella above the rest is her broad approach and support. The treatments have helped stabilize a long standing chronic stomach disorderone in which stability was not achieved with several different physicians. However, treatment with Bella goes well beyond the acupuncture itself. Bella has a tremendous holistic approach to healing the mind and body. She has expertise in developing a treatment plan while providing crucial insights and tools that promote treatment in a way that can be integrated into ones everyday life. Bella uses herbs when appropriate, in addition to dietary and general lifestyle change recommendations. Bella has provided recipes, book recommendations, referrals to other practitioners and physicians all as part of her commitment to see that her clients are receiving the best possible care.

All of these integral treatment components are more than enough for me to recommend Bella to anyone who is interested in using acupuncture as a way to achieve better health and wellness. However, what really sets Bella apart is her phenomenal compassion, empathy and accessibility. Bella encourages her clients to stay in touch after treatments regularly and to contact her immediately with any questions and concerns. Bella is much more than a skilled acupuncturist, she is a confidant and a person that has earned my implicit trust on far too many occasions for me to list them all here. As a client, I give Bella my very highest recommendation! 

Eris Chorney

 Acupuncture, If someone would have mention this word to me I would have put it down for it’s not Western medicine. Not in a million years I would have ever said anything positive about being stuck with needles. I was extremely fearful the first time I went, but once you see the size of the little needles,(more like pins,) you hardly feel the stick if at all ,You feel the sense of relief of pain, stress and after an hour session you wake up relaxed and rejuvenating ! Often times I will say boy was that delicious!! You then have a total new perception on what acupuncture is and have to sign up for more sessions.

I have now been seeing Bella Fooksman for 6 years to treat an assortment of medical issues. I was scheduled for carpal tunnel surgery when I first began, Bella suggested putting it off for a few weeks, so she could see if she could cure my carpal tunnel without surgery A MIRACLE ! I followed her instruction and attended acupuncture for 4 weeks and boom my hand was cured without surgery. Amazing!!

I have also been treated for stress and anxiety and it is amazing how acupuncture covers all of our systems, digestive, circulatory and respiratory neurological. I needed to have surgery on two tears in my knee; Bella stepped up the treatment prior to surgery to enhance rich blood cells that would be able to absorb the shock from surgery and speed up healing. When I went to the knee doctor post-surgery she said she has never seen a knee heal with no swelling. I am now up and about and moving much more easily because of Bella’s treatment. I find it to be a very comfortable environment I am able to be candidly honest with her and tell her whatever is on my mind or whatever is affecting my body. I am a different person and have a different outlook on life since Acupuncture.


Tami B

 Initially, when I thought about acupuncture I was both anxious and skeptical. However, after working with Bella my anxiety, skepticism and the pain in my neck disappeared. She is incredibly knowledgeable and very willing to share her knowledge to benefit her patients.

Bella is warm, personable and also has a great sense of humor. I look forward to my appointments with Bella as it is often a source of relaxation and a comfortable way to rid my body of the other aches and pains that crept in during the week. Without any hesitation, I would highly recommend Dr. Bella Fooksman for acupuncture. 

Donna N.

I cannot say enough good things about my experience with Bella. I arrived at her office in January with a debilitating flare of interstitial cystitis. She was gentle and kind and I improved steadily with regular acupuncture treatment. Six months later I remain symptom free.

The bonus is that my overall health has improved dramatically. My blood pressure which was borderline is now normal. I have an increase in energy and a deep sense of well being and calm. A long list of cranky physical symptoms have also disappeared from joint aches and pains to eye floaters. Bella and acupuncture will remain a part of my regular health care regime. I am so grateful!

Kayleigh B.

I received acupuncture treatment from Bella Fooksman as my family embarked on the IVF journey to become pregnant with our second child.

I was new to the IVF and acupuncture process and Dr. Fooksman made the experience very comfortable and easy to understand. Her attention to detail and focus on my specific needs was most appreciated, and her availability to be flexible with my IVF calendar was very impressive and beyond my expectations.

My experience could not have gone smoother. We welcomed our daughter on -a healthy 6 lbs. 12 oz. little bundle - and we thank Dr. Fooksman for the part she played in making this miracle happen.

Scholastique M.

My daughter, 9 years old at the time, was diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease in 2009. Since then things got very bad. My daughter became very ill. We switched from hospital to hospital in efforts to find a miracle cure; we were presented with the same protocol everywhere. She was losing so much blood and couldn’t keep anything inside that the doctor had to put her on feeding tube. Seven months after being on total liquid feed, she was still not gaining weight and was still losing blood. She was having 10 to 20 bowel movements a day. Nothing seemed to work for my daughter. She took almost all the medications for the disease and none of them really helped her for more than two weeks, including a high dose of Prednisone. The doctor started to push for a surgery to remove her colon. It was such a horrible time of our life and we didn’t know what to do. It was like every black cloud ever created was hovering over us. During the worst of my daughter illness, I don’t believe I ever slept. I was spending my time praying and crying wondering how much longer my daughter will endure the ravages of this disease.

In May 2010, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I said no to the surgery and turned my focus to alternative therapy. After researching online, I came across a specific carbohydrate diet book for people with inflammatory bowel disease; “Breaking the Vicious Circle” by Elaine Gottschall whose daughter went through the same things as my daughter. Reading the book helped me understand the disease and gave me hope. I could not do the diet because my daughter was on feeding tube. I instead requested to change the feeding formula to the one stated in the book. Two days after switching the formula, my daughter started to feel a little better and her health and blood work started to and continue to improve. Things got much better, less medications and more strength, but she continues to be on total feeding tube.

In my effort to continue looking for alternative therapy to help my daughter, I got Bella’s number from somebody in a food store. I called her the same day to see if my daughter can benefit from acupuncture. After talking with Bella on the phone, I can not tell you how I felt that day. What I know, is that I saw hope that my daughter will be able to live a normal life. I finally got somebody who could talks about diet as part of healing process, somebody who could tells me something else than the scary things I have been hearing about the disease at the hospital. My daughter started acupuncture in June of 2012. After two months, she started to slowly eat while still on her feed. She is now taking less formula and a little more food. She has energy, no more belly pain, no more bloody stools, her blood work is back to normal, and she’s only on one medication. Who knows how much longer we have to go--- only God knows. What I know is that my daughter is happy and the whole family is happy. The nightmare is kind of a past chapter for us. For those who are battling any kind of chronic illness, disease; while you’re staying with your doctor, give acupuncture a try. It can be helpful, even miraculously so.

Marianne DeBow

Sitting in the radiology oncology office waiting for my daily radiation treatment after surgery for breast cancer, I picked up a magazine and began reading. An article suggested acupuncture as a complementary treatment for cancer patients mitigating the side effects of traditional cancer treatments. Since I was towards the end of my radiation treatments and had low energy level and was not sleeping without using a sleep aid, I thought I would give acupuncture a try. Soon after the end of radiation, I began to have swelling in my right arm and pain under my arm near where lymph nodes were removed. Looking ahead, knowing I would be starting tamoxifen in the near future, which has it own myriad of side effects, I felt I had nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Not only did my energy level improve, but also Bella has been able to help my body regulate its temperature so I have not had to endure many “hot flashes” and night sweats associated with taking tamoxifen. I am also able to sleep and feel rested upon waking without the use of any sleep aids. Bella was able to eliminate the pain under my arm and works with me when swelling returns.

During the course of treatment, I realized there are many things I put up with thinking they were normal or just part of the way my body works. For the past 20 years, I have been a “stress non-eater” losing 10- 20 pounds during different life crises due to nausea. I accepted this as part of me. During acupuncture treatment, Bella worked with strengthening my digestive processes and I am no longer nauseous. Recently, when I had several follow-up appointments with my cancer doctors, one of which included another biopsy, I was able to continue to eat well and did not feel sick or lose any more weight even though I was anxious about the results.

When I was diagnosed with cancer, I felt my body was out of control. For me, acupuncture was a positive way to regain control of my body and my future without any side effects. I highly recommend acupuncture. I do believe everyone can benefit. However, I especially think acupuncture should be in every cancer patient’s arsenal.

I am so glad I found Bella. Coming in for treatment is like coming to see an old friend whose is warm, accepting, and very knowledgeable. I am glad to have her in my corner as I move forward.

Joan Clark

It is truly a blessing from God that I chose Bella Fooksman as my Acupuncturist. Her treatment for me has been a healing process as well as an enlightenment of who I am. I have learned that I have control of my life and my body; still growing in the knowledge of that. But, I know that learning and growing is a continuous process. Most importantly, Bella’s kindness and gentleness adds to the beauty of her practice and her character. 

Christine Arrasmith

Last year, when I was in the throes of recovering from cancer surgery and a complicated radiation therapy that followed it, I came to Bella. I had a whole range of seemingly disconnected symptoms, not the least of which was anxiety. Except for quarterly CT scans, I had no idea how to help myself through recovery or how to move forward.

Fortunately for me, Bella, using the tools of acupuncture along with her medical knowledge and considerable communication skills, provided the bridge I needed to get from where our western treatment plans left off, to the sustained wellness I was looking for. Bella was able to interpret my symptoms in a holistic and systemic way, which resulted in a methodical and effective plan to treat them.

Along the way, I gained new insights into how my body functions and its signals, and changes I can make to maintain and improve my own health. I credit Bella and acupuncture with finding the road to real recovery for me. 

Eli Strauss

I came to Bella by way of personal introduction, for treatment of migraine headaches that have plagued me since adolescence. Having already seen a plethora of medical doctors including general practitioners, neurologists and headache specialists over the last 30 years, I reluctantly agreed to "preventive medication" about five years ago that has in fact made my headaches "manageable".

Little did I know when I started seeing Bella early this past summer (2009) that she would be treating so much more than just my headaches. My first session with Bella was a true revelation. I remember feeling a little apprehensive about my decision and more than a little nervous about the needles. Bella began our session with a series of questions, but mostly she listened. Something I would say would generate another question, more listening, and so on and so forth for over an hour. I talked, I relaxed, I cried… I almost completely forgot about the needles! I distinctly remember the feeling the very first time she held my hand to take my pulses: both body and soul were in very good hands.

To this day, that is precisely the moment in each treatment when I instinctively take my first deep breath. I saw a dramatic improvement in my headaches (both frequency and severity) about six weeks into treatment. Since then, I have entered treatment feeling completely exhausted and left utterly exhilarated. I have arrived in the grips of migraine pain and left completely pain free. I have laughed, I have cried, and I have come to understand that my emotional well-being and my physical well-being are forever dependent on each other. Bella has helped me slow down and identify the warning signs my body sends before the migraines arrive, and she has treated my body for optimal energy and balance in my fight against them -- and anything else that ails me. It is both an honor and a pleasure to be in Bella Fooksman's care.

Teya Lapidus

I have been going for acupuncture to Bella for almost a year now. Since then I have accounted some major changes in my life...during this time, there have been times I was not sure about my capabilities and if someone told me a year ago that so much would change in one year and I would feel the way I do now (which is ready) I would think they were crazy.

Bella has known how to support what I needed at the time that I needed it. Whether is was to stand up for myself, test anxiety, letting go of something, or taking everything in, I benefited from the treatment. In addition, I received unconditional support from her and sometimes that's what I needed most. Although in the treatment room, Bella was the practitioner, I felt like I was with another person rather than a “doctor” or someone that was telling me what to do. She provided a mutual partnership, and understanding

Jennifer Hughes

I don't really know how to begin to thank you for all that you have done for me over the last several months...although according to you, I do all the work, you just help me to get it done :). When I first came to you...I was experiencing a lot of physical pain and discomfort. I had major pain and extreme tightness in my left shoulder, high blood pressure, aching in my feet, fatigue, lack of stamina, and in March started with chest pains and anxiety. I've always known that suppressed emotional have a tendency to show themselves as physical ailments, but until I started meeting with you...I really had no idea how detrimental I was being to myself...Our treatment sessions have been so eye opening to me. As we've talked I've realized emotional issues that I thought were long gone, were not, and a lot of times, were the cause of my physical pain. You have been so patient, so understanding, and you've always made me safe enough to be able to be completely vulnerable in our sessions. You have always listened without judgment, guided with words of encouragement, and the pride and love you have for your profession shows in every single visit.

You always take the time to answer my million questions about what treatment you are using and why. Through my treatments you have helped me to become very aware of my own shoulder pain is completely gone. The most important lesson that I've learned from you Bella, is that it's ok to cut myself some slack.

...My sessions have helped me: to get my body back on track - to be more aware of my body and the things going on within it - to know what triggers the physical pains I've experienced, and to deal with them before they once again become serious issues - to just take time to breathe and be still - and when all else fails...come back to see you when I need it.

Again Bella, I can't thank you enough for everything you've done for me, and for everything you've helped me do for myself. You are a gifted practitioner and I feel extremely blessed to have taken the first step to come see you. Physically I feel so much better (no more chest pains or anxiety!), but more importantly, emotionally I feel more at peace and grounded than I have in years and years.

Serenity Henderson

Prior to coming under Dr. Fooksman's care, I had seen another acupuncturist, with whom I had a very clinical and often detached experience. From the very beginning of meeting Dr. Fooksman, however, I felt cared for, as a patient and as a person. From the first appointment, she was warm, welcoming and gentle with me.

...If I were not as familiar with acupuncture as I am, I would think Dr. Fooksman was working magic with those needles. Being familiar with acupuncture, however, I know that what Dr. Fooksman is doing is listening to me, meeting me where I am, gathering the symptoms that I present with, and finding the best points with which to treat me. She explains her intentions for the treatments to me and reminds me to take what gifts I gather in the treatment room and explore them within the context of my life.

Dr. Fooksman always lets me know that she is only a phone call or an e-mail away if I need her. A few weeks ago, when I did have a great need to be seen in between my appointments, she made certain that I was seen as soon as possible. Having that appointment was critical for me. Knowing that Dr. Fooksman is there for me in those times of great yet unexpected need is such a comfort.

When I talk to people about acupuncture, be they friends or strangers, I tell them about Dr. Fooksman...I recommend her wholeheartedly to anyone who might be interested in exploring the joys and benefits of acupuncture." 

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